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How would you like to make money from home doing simple e-mail processing and get paid $15 - $25.00   per e-mail you process? There is no limit to the amount of e-mails you can process and your potential earnings are unlimited! You are not required to process a certain amount of e-mails out weekly and   can work at your own place and select your own hours.

  Personally I love this job. This is the work that I do every day. I wake up in the morning check my
  inbox, process the e-mails by sending the mail out to the interested prospects who have asked for this
  information and
get paid $15 - $25.00 per e-mail I send out. It takes me only about a few minutes to
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This program is available worldwide and you can do it from the comfort of your home. As long as you have access to the internet, and an e-mail address, you can use this program from anywhere in the world!

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  All of your payments will be paid directly to your PayPal account or Payza account. You also may
  receive your payments by check by mail if you prefer.

Anyone can do it, with or without experience.

  Here's How it Works:

As soon as you register you will receive instant access to the members' area. You will be supplied  with  all of the information to send out, nothing you send will ever be in appropriate. You will be able  to follow our step by step instructions. It's very easy!

It's as Simple as 1- 2-3!


          Check your Email Inbox Daily  =>   Process out the Info we supply for you      =>  Get Paid  

Earn $15-$25.00 Per E-mail You Process!  Your earnings are Guaranteed!

I'll also throw in an extra bonus product's & software's worth of $970 inside, absolutely free!!!
You will enjoy this Product's, because it will explain to you step-by-step how to receive free electronics, delivered right to your door-step!

You will not be shipping any packages, or investing in any inventory with this program. Everything is done directly through the Internet!

The more time you invest, the more time you will have for email processing, and the more money you can make while working in the privacy of your own home.

  $15 - $25.00 per Email Processed goes to YOU!

If I wasn't making money, believe me, I wouldn't do it. "

You Are Eligible to Run this Program Anywhere in the World.

  You need to pay a small registration fee to help cover our expenses in maintaining and developing
  these programs. You are not paying for employment. You are paying for our services in
  bringing you this incredible opportunity! Directly to you, in the comfort of your own



 You will be paid directly to your Paypal or Payza account for every e-mail
  that you process. If you do not wish to use either of those 2 methods, you can choose
  to be paid with a check by mail from anywhere in the world. Set up an account right
  away at www.paypal.com or www.payza.com.

  There is no fee attached in setting one up.

  You are paid on a daily basis for each e-mail that you
 process. Yes, daily! You will be supplied with all of
 the information to send out, nothing you send will ever
 be inappropriate. All you have to do is "cut and paste"
 the same messages and send out the e-mails. No  
 spamming involved! Then the CASH begins to roll in.

   Your membership includes everything you will need,
  and continual updates and programs sent directly to   you.
  Once you become a member, you will never need to
  spend any more money to succeed at this program. All
  you need is access to the internet at home, office or you can even do this at the internet cafe! You will not have to spend any money, everything is provided for you. 


You will NOT need to spend any money on advertising and you'll never have to buy any leads. 


 The amount of e-mails you can process is determined by how hard you are willing to
  work, and how much money you wish to earn. The average new user should be able to
  process from 2-15 emails daily working approx. 1-3 hours a day.


  Listings of Real Paypal Payments I received for my email processing work 



  You will be supplied with all of the information to send out, nothing you send will ever
  be inappropriate. There is no limit to how many e-mails you can process. The amount
  of e-mails you want to process is determined by how much time and work you put into
  this program. 


All work is done online and you will not have to package anything or print anything for any of your customers.

Once you register as a member, you can start making money within 24 hours! Order your membership today and get started today!  



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There is a small one-time setup fee for your account and training materials. There will be no reccuring fee or hidden charges. Any fund collections done by any affiliate promoting this service is prohibited. If you encounter such activity, please report to admin immediately.

This one-time fee gets you access to  all of the information you need to be an email processor. You will be able to get started immediately with this program and begin receiving payments in your account, even as you sleep!

You can join using your Credit Card, PayPal, Payza and LibertyReserve Account.


If you are not redirected to member's area after payment, please wait at least 24 hours and it will be sent to your email. No need to contact Paydotcom.

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REFUND POLICY: *There's a 7 days refund period. Just sumbit a proof of use (ex. snapshot to the job done) and refund will be initiated within 48 hours . The fee is charged to provide you with full training to enable you to start earning the very first day guaranteed. Only serious, hard working people should apply. With this fee you will receive full members area LIFETIME ACCESS with all your training materials and thousands of free bonuses inside. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.


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